domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2007

the "Secret" and what the fuck do we know.

Yeah, its here. the brain´s user guide.

this is a compendium of all the knowlegde that has been flowing trough the web these last years.
today I will share 2 videos with you.

First, there is the "secret" wich seems to be the newest trend on self help/lifedesign.
have a look at it.

sounds beautiful and works to an extent, however they explain it partially.

your thoughts make your reality because they shape your non-concious behaviour and create positive expentancy.

positive expetancy creates positive results, and THIS in turn creates a positive loopback feed that reinfornces that expentancy while creating "neural pathways of success", wich will finetune your autopilot setting success as the ultimate goal.

as it is known, the brain is a "supercomputer" which helps you to interpret the world, by the filters and rules YOU have accepted on how the world works.

on every day´s life, on any task that you engage, you are using only an infinitesimal part of your potential. even on so called "genius" levels.

you have EXCESS capability to BE, DO and HAVE anything you want.

your performance tends to conform your self concept. if you expect something to be hard, guess what....

It will be fucking difficult, why?, because you unconciously inhibited your own capacities.

on the other hand if you are confident on your supercomputer (aka brain) all your tasks will be like a stroll on the park.

people have been conditioned to be stupid, take a look at the movies or cartoons you grew up watching, smart people were always portayed as weakly, ugly, socially unfit persons with personality disorders and evil disposition, the stereotype of the nerdy scientist, who will NEVER get laid. this is a meta-program that will drive kids away from knowledge and science.
not to mention the bossy parents that say "Leave that alone, you will break it" or the infamous
"You can´t do that" "That´s too hard".

good programming is essential
My father used to say " Anything that a human being can achieve another one can achieve also with the adequate training"
for that i will allways be grateful.

there is no objetive difficulity, a level 5 problem will seem to be huge to a level 2 person; however this same situation will be a piece of cake to a level 10 individual.
the situation being the same, one person will percieve it as easy, while the other won´t.

you don´t percieve reality as it is, you percieve it as YOU are.

an example of this is shown when you walk down the street; you might see, a)poverty, difficulties, polution, unemployment, global warming, maladies and human misery, if that´s what resonates within you.

OR b) you can see, posibilities, joy, peace, marvels of science, architecture, systems at work.
it´s up where you put your focus onto.

it is what resonates with your inner world, what you will percieve and act upon.

it´s like walking on a higher plane.

without getting metaphysical, if you are familiar with physics you will know that the experience cannot be separated from the observer. matter can be percieved as a particle or a wave function, this depends scritcly on HOW it is observed.

this leads us to the 2nd fragment of wisdom, this movie was releaced not too long ago, it elucidates on quantum physics, and how the world is an illusion assembled on our minds.

So, what is "REAL" might, not be universally "REAL" but its real enough for you,, if you believe on it.

Thoughts are causes, circumstances are effects.
Take a look at your environment, all that surrounds you, your possesions, your environment, your relationships, your job. These are the results of your paradigm. enjoy or change them as you see fit!

You are creating your future now.

as your inner world changes, it will reflect on your outer world.
bottom line, program your mind for success, and success will become YOU.

However the intellectual realization of this will not improve your life at all, actions are mostly unconcious programs that repeat themselves, you need to change the program of your "game " character in order to modify the neural rut, effortlessy. this will be the theme of the next post.

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