viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2007

Brain Trainings - Part I

Training your brain is like training a muscle, you will develop its power to the extent it is challenged.

The most crucial factor on human existence is intelligence, if you think deeply enough; it sets a baseline for practically everything you do. Even feelings are learned emotional responses to simuli.

I´ve been studying Howard Gardener´s Model, which is more appealing to me
he claims that intelligence is not unidimentional. rather, he says that there are 7 sets of skills, called "intelligences". you can read these here. i´ve been thinking about his model and made it my own, Here it is.

Skills that compound my version of crystalized intelligence:

*Logical (Math, Sequences, What comes next?)
*Recognition of patterns (deals with categorization)
*Discrimination of non-equals.(being sensory input, or differeneces between concepts)
*Working memory (Ability to hold taks relevant data on memory while thinking/performing)
*Encoding (The Skill to process, learn and Understand)
*Behavioural (Interpretation/Execution)
*Social/Emotional T(The ability to perform a behaviour to get a specific response from other people; or to identify and respond to behavioural patterns)
*Spiritual (Ability to interact with the quantum field)

I´ve been browsing. and i´ve found some interesting sites, worth to check out to develop and gain some extra crystalized intelligence (Trains Attention, Memory, Pattern Recognition, Cognitive Control) *Requires registration (free) (Trains Attention, Advanced decition making, working memory, spatial awareness) (This is a ranked time-based set of simple drills, gradually builds difficulty) [Trains:speedy accuracy, cognitive control] However, these are way too easy, its only worth to try if you´re willing to wait until you classify for a more advanced set of exercises. (A very addictive gizmo, solve left brain and right brain exercises before the time runs out, [Trains: multitasking, focus, speedy accuracy] (Teases your linguistic intelligence, builds up gradually) [Spatial Intelligence puzzle] [General Memory: Working Memory, Auditory, Visual, you name it; several applets] [Ilation and your ability to plan beforehand] [Train the infamous O- Powers + Visual Acuity ] [Kinesthetic Coordination + Active Planning] [Heavy Mathematical workout + Pattern Recognition] [Working Memory + Auditory Pattern Recognition]

This is it for now.
next post: G or fluid intelligence

Pump up that brain
Have fun.

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