sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Fluid Intelligence Trainer

In recent studies, conducted by Neuroscientists Jaeggi and other german neuroscientist with an impronunciable lastname, it was found that fluid intelligence, which previously believed to be genetically hard-wired from birth, could be improved by working memory (WM) training.

The study was conducted with the participants being young-healthy students.
the subjects and a control group both took a problem solving task and an IQ test, the subjects were trained in WM using the Dual-n-Back training approach. the controls masturbated. (i.e. did something completely irelevant) . after 19 days, both groups were tested again, the group who did the WM training, performed much better than before the training, and also much better than the controls, who spanked the monkey.

A remarkable feat worth mentioning, is that in the IQ tests took by the subjects, the group who trained WM, had gains of 20-25 IQ points.

Here is an Dual-n-Back applet i´ve found online

For a 20 or 25 point boost its worth to try! ;)