miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

Silver Tounge, Golden Mind

and why verbalization and high abstract reasoning do not match.

I´ve found out that inner speech lowers "intelligence" greatly.
speech is for communication with another sentient being,, when you have the matter already sorted out yourself.

it is well known that when learning a forein language people will tend to mentally translate that language onto their mother tounge, in order to "better" understand it.

however, this unnecesary process interferes with effective language learning. it makes it hard and slow.



burdens the mind;

Intelligent people learn to weed out what´s useless.

craft your mental processes.

cut out non-task-related processes that zap your mind power.

if you speak to yourself you disperse your mental energy and focus.

never believe anything until you ..................

try it for yourself,

grab a highly challenging activity that you do regularly. execute it, and... measure your time of completion. call it a day.

next, let´s try it again, but this time prior to the activity do this:

1- Walk to the kitchen and drink 2 glasses of water.
Come back, sit comfortably...
2- Close your eyes, focus on your forehead, and count 20 deep breaths
[if you succeeded counting to 20 without any intruding thought, proceed. otherwise, repeat 2]
3- Perform the task while maintaining focused mental silence

4- finally, measure your time and be amazed.


1- Increased Mathematical/Logical/Spatial Intelligence
2- Increased Focus [without clutter you see things clearly]
3- Promptness to action.
4- Heightened reflexes.
5- Ability to think without words [Blows out the boundaries of the mind, A key to true genius]
6- Increased determination and pain tolerance. [pain is highly subjective]
7- Heightened awareness. [as you can focus on sensorial imput, without the mental clutter]

The Dark side of the force

as the vey well known Yin-Yang simbol tells us, there is a dark seed on the light side, and viceversa.

The adverse effects of inner silece

> Your begin to talk too fast, your voice becomes non-resonant, forced or tense.
> Verbal articulation, becomes..... rehumatic.
> Auditory based humor is lessened.

in a nutshell, it´s harder to express yourself with ease in oral form .

however, as our decorative friend, Yin-Yang says, there is a seed of light on the most abyssmal darkness
meaning that.. there is a workaround.


It has been proven over time that reading out loud activates several brain areas leading to an intense brain workout.



1- Get ready,
Set up a recording device, grab a piece of interesting literature , something heavily packed with


as always variety is good.

2- Get comfortable, place your right hand on your solar plexus
(if your voice projects out properly your hand will vibrate accordingly)

3- Read out loud for 10 minutes, focus on how you sound, hear yourself.

4- stop and listen to the recording. notice where you need to improve.


By reading out loud you activate speech areas, increasing articulation of words, voice quality and tone,

expression of emotions and proper breathing, while mantaining your inner silence.