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Summary - Brain Training II

G In a Nutshell

  • solve situational puzzles.
  • Roleplay.
  • Fix things on your own house without ANY help.
  • Take classes on a miscelaneous interest.
  • Create a painting, story or piece of music.
  • figure out something without relying on the instructions.
  • produce humor.
  • be stress-free. :)

Bye for now.

Brain Training II - Part B

now that you have eliminated stress you can begin considering working on your fluid intelligence.

There are two ways to the G spot ---> NOVELTY and CREATIVITY

Novelty, novel, new, unfamiliar, strange... that which can make you feel insecure, excited and shakes your ground, THESE situations are the of kind that you want.

by facing novel challenges you gain experience and new valuable neurodes. if you feel confused it is usually a good sign, it means that your brain will have to do some work to make sense of the dynamic that you´re involved in. you will have to make a creative effort to bring about a new understanding. wich implies creating a new neu-ral network to handle the situation, the brain will have to rewire itself.


You can learn a new language, or master a random, yet useful, skill.
It´s gotta be something NEW, and something MEANINGFUL to you.
the main idea is challenging your gray matter with something unexpected, regularly.

conquering challenges is the spice of life.

But this is half of the equation.... You still need


Create, Create, Create

You are a MasterMind, you were meant to create, your brain works by association, and this is core the principle of creativity. Unleash a creative thunderstorm which will crystalize something BRAND NEW onto reality, mix unrelated things and cook on your head something marvelous. just for the kick of it.

by creating you are using the ultimate brain training. you are stepping out of the habitual patterns of thinking. you use all your crystalized-database arsenal in your mind oven using the fire of your creative flame.

Write a Fictional story, Draw a portait, Program an applet or game, Become a mangaka, Sort out your knowlegde and ideas by blogging.

when you produce you take your technical and theoretical knowledge to another level.

Try it. you will see that without mastery, you cannot materialize creation nor transmit the knowlege to other beings properly.

All intellectual work must be productive, otherwise is useless


Creation is the ultimate brain training.

Brain Training II - Part A

To recap.

Fluid intelligence reflects the efficient online functioning of the central nervous system, solving new abstract reasoning problems

Crystallized intelligence reflects individually acquired knowledge/skills and culture-specific content

So let´s focus on fluid intelligence.

This type of intelligence is very desirable, it is involved and heavily interwined with creativity, you can access this beauty when you are stress-free, relaxed. otherwise it is immediately shut down, reverting the brain to a more primitive reflex-based reaction machine.
Before you curse Charles Darwing´s mama, remember that this WAS useful when life or death situations were every day´s history. However, in these days it works against us.

The first key to developing and harnessing this power is to RELAX.

to do this consider the following:

1 - avoiding stressful situations. duh.

identify the situations that bug you, actually sit down with pen and paper, list them one by one.
then if it is possible eliminate them, if not, reduce them, if you cannot do that either, elaborate an ideal response (this will get your creative juices flowing) and rehearse it on your mind until it becomes automatic. if you can perform in an honorable manner, preserving your status much of your stress will be cut down considerably.

it is very important that you create this list on paper, doing this you OBJECTIFY IT, remember that you strip a demon of its power by identyfing and analizing it.

Summary: List -> Avoid -> Reduce -> Prepare (win the frame)
Keyword: LARP

2 - Exercise

This is almost like a mantra today. "Cardiovascular excercise is good for you"


A) It Releases Endorphins
B) Increases Bloodflow to your brain
C) It promotes the growth of new brain cells.
D) Eliminates Toxins from your bloodstream
E) Fights Aging, increases bone density.
F) Increases sexual appeal, desire and stamina.
G) Rises metabolic rate.

3 - Laugh.

Humor releases stress. if nothing else, laugh a lot. it will lessen a HUGE burden out of your shoulders. be lighthearted, you will feel better, and smarter.

being grumpy is old-fashioned.

4 - Drink

no, not booze, mind you. Lots of water is what you need in order to keep your head clean and flush the toxins out of your body. your urine must be clear, NEVER yellow.

minium 3 Liters of pure-water,infutions and soft drinks do not count, daily , distributed trough the day.

5 - Sex

As if you needed extra encouragement, sex releases endorphins and releases stress.

6 - Brain-Wave entrainment.

Theta is the frequency related to creativity, whereas Alpha is relaxed yet firm awareness.
Hook up your PC headphones to this program and spend at least 20 minutes daily on these frequencies.

if you´re heavily depleted try delta frequencies.

Get this if nothing else
STRESS turns you into a MACHINE, machines do NOT think, they follow orders.

In a nutshell, use your BLADES, to cut out stress for good.
Brain Wave Training
Laughing a Lot
Avoid Shitty situations
Drink Lots of water

Keyword : BLADES