jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010

Life Hack -- Eat Like a King (not what U XPkT)

LIFE HACK --> Calorie Restricion and Intermitent Fasting
Benefit --> Increased Lifespan (40% avg) -- Mood Balancing -- Sharper Mind -- Better Health

Increased Lifespan and the mice experiment

Mice, we feed them, we hack them, we trow them onto the blender, we make them explode; However this little furry friend has proven to be very useful... just read.

Several studies have found that mice on Calorie Restriction live on average 40% longer than regular mice. If we put that on human scale, given that a human lives, let´s say 100 years optimally, we would get a 140 year-old human. think about all you can do in 40 years, Fuck I don´t even have 40 years yet! And considering at the pace that tech is moving it would be pretty cool to hang around the planet for the next few decades,, things are about to get intresting... to say the least.

However, a long life is not enough, what is truly desirable longevity PLUS good health. It is not how long you live, it is how good you live those years what counts.
According to Aubrey DeGrey, the age degeneration disease(s) occurs from extended cellular damage due to metabolism byproducts.

Within his "7 reason for aging" list we have the disturbing yet preventable "IntraCellular Garbage" and "ExtraCellular Garbage" -- Which is in layman´s language residual crap that accumulates over time as a byproduct of regular cell function this garbage eventually interferes with cellular respiration, nutrition, replication and excretion.

we can deal with this nuissance without pills or drugs of any kind. the key is balancing the intake of good fuel into the body. Let´s look it a little further...
in a fasting period, while not burdened nor taxed by digestion, our bodies repairing and cleaning systems get more active;

Waste is systematically removed from the bloodstream and intercellular space, weak cells die and are replaced, while dead cells are recycled as nutrients.

basically we´re giving the cleaning system a chance to catch up and clean the mess, therefore restoring natural homeostasis.

The paradox of fasting is that it leads to more nutrition, not less. there´s an old myth that says that you have to eat "well",, and "well" usually means a lot..... a lot of crap.
eating a lot does not ensure proper nutrition and also JAMS the whole mechanism, taxing the system badly.

regulating your food intake can improve your health in many ways, first by eliminating the digestive "goo" screen

When digestion takes place, residues on the digestive duct form a "goo" which restricts proper nutrient absortion trough the intestinal walls, leading to malnutrition even on the precence of copious amounts of food.

while fasting this residual "goo" gets naturally wiped away, so that when you eat, all nutrients get delivered to the bloodstream instead of the toilet.

So we can add up another benefit to our list --> Increased Nutrient assimilation

but wait,, there´s more...........

Improved Mental Acuity
the reptilian part of the brain (according to triune model) processes lack of food as a life-threatening situation, therefore a hyper-alert state is triggered, your senses heighten and your cognition sharpens. This was meant to make you a better hunter, however in modern times we can still exploit this to gain an edge.

Brighten up Dumbass!

The brain developed in order for individuals to interpret, relate, survive and thrive on a given envionment, this may be a reason why fasting increases Brain-Cell growth activity. If the individual is not relating well-enough in order to provide the organism with plenty of food; Adaptive function then releases neurotrophins which promote neural growth. (Eustress response)

Another influence of an "empty stomach" on cognition is that, believe it or not, digestion taxes on brainpower.

here´s why.
when you eat, the digestive apparatus has to liquify food so that it can be assimilated onto the bloodstream, in order to do that, a finely orchestrated process takes place.

to make a long story short.
1- processed food gets in
2- digestive acid is added
3- PERISTALTIC MOVEMENT begins. and here lies our problem.
------------------------------------4- assimilation and excretion processes.

peristaltic movement is the bowel movement which moves food trough the digesting system, this coordinated movement, as unconciouss and automatic as it may be, consumes a lot of brainpower.

Benefits of Fasting ---> Continued................. EMOTIONS =)

Are you Cranky, Whacky, Jumpy or just damn anxious? If you are this might help.

Fact: High toxin levels within the bloodstream lead to nervous and behavioural disorders.
By getting rid of the harmful food toxins; another "side effect" of fasting is emotional centering,

some toxins excite the nervous system in such a way, that impulses tend to be harder to control.
nervous fidgeting, overwhelming waves of rampant and intense emotion, hunger, cravings and even depression (due to depletion) could be tied to the presence of toxins within the bloodstream

with a clean system you get a balanced mood in most cases, impulse control and increased energy, since you don´t dissipate nervous energy uselessly nor over-exaust your cleaning systems.

The pleasures of food......... KEPT! -- Don´t starve yourself dumbass --
however Calorie Restriction is hard to pull off correctly (ie, avoiding malnutrition, sticking to the plan, socializing and eating a fucking carrot while everyone else is feasting on a double Mac, you name it.) -- But don´t despair, there is a way to keep the benefits without the ugly side of it. and it´s called Intermitent Fasting.

T.T and, Yes, there is a God.

Intermitent Fasting gets you the same benefits that a Calorie Restriction diet would provide, and also food would taste a whole lot better when you do eat.

Intermitent Fasting is disencouraged for females because women have an inbuilt energy saving mechanism; So that when food is scarce, their bodies would retain as much energy as possible. Intermitent Fasting on women would result in obesity, so women BEWARE, you are warned.. don´t e-mail me any gym bills, PLEASE.

If you want a far fetched-twist to it, Mystics of all times have sustained repeatedly that Fasting leads to astral cleansing, which is triggered by an increase of vibration of the subtle bodies of the human being, leading to increased psychic resonance with the environment (more cool "coincidences") and being unaffected by the lower vibes (da "shit").

The key point is achieving balance, digestive cycles last from 16-24 hours, with that in mind try to keep a balance between what you put in, what you use, and what gets out.

Next Post------> Honey, the perfect food.

Glossary: Intermitent Fasting (Fasting By intervals) ie --> x day on,, y days off, then repeat.
Calorie Restriction (eat like a hobo) --> you eat every day while keeping your Calorie intake low (ie. no bread, potatos, noodles, pasta, coke, and so forth)

sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Windows 2.x and Luck made easy.

Today I want to write about Mind Control, Concentration camps and brainwashing


Before you think I went bananas or indulged on the sci-fi channel way too much,, read up, you will be surprised.

To begin this subject, I would like to elaborate on an important analogy between food and information.

As food is used to build up, nourish and fuel our bodies, information is used to feed up your mind.

When a hazardous substance enters our body, our defense mechanism steps in, and attempts to eliminate the dangerous element from the system.

We have an analogous, ecological sewer system in our mind. and it is called "The Conciouss Mind" the guardian of our destiny, this system, within its extremely narrow limits, filters out garbage from meaninful data to interpret accurately and successfuly relate to the outside world.

So far so good.... but there is a catch... see, this "Guardian" or "Sentry" is addicted to valium,


The bastard falls asleep, so much, that 90% of our "choices" fall into preprogrammed unconciouss responses, and when it embraces morpheus,, then the gates of your mind are open wide... for whatever comes in.

there are several WINDOWS of time in which this brave sentry likes to nap. These are Mornings and Evenings... and What do people do on these times?

take a wild guess...

Yes, you bet, they gorge onto the most vile-flavored info-shit, Like the "news" ( "bad news" would be more appropiate ) , a completely Bizzarre and exagerated negative worldview

the subconciouss mind absorbs information like a tape recorder, it records whatever passes trough the "Sentry".

So if you wake up, and first thing on the morning you watch the TV news, guess what..

all that shit is programming your mind, let alone soap operas and other mental excretions.

all is recorded within the subconciouss mind, and this "tape" is your base conciousness from which your thoughts and emotions emanate... so GUARD IT DEARLY!

you are what you feed upon... so if you are consuming shit.... you'd better change your diet :O
remember that it has been proven that subconciouss overpowers conciouss on the long run EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So When you are awake, it is negligible, since the guardian will do the Job fairly well, BUT, when

you're sleep deprived, on a fast (its not reserved for nutcase monks, we're all in a fast when we wake up!), OR changing states of conciousness (ie. when you awaken in the moring, or when going to sleep at night) your mind is programmable...

if you feed it with a limited worldview, your life
would be limited, if you program it with with fear, uglyness or "low life" content, , the cassette will play itself... on your destiny....

Two healthy choices,,
a) wake the "Guardian" UP! or b) replace the weakening tape for an empowering one.

And it's not Hocus-Pocus, or "Attraction" it is YOUR OWN DOING! you're in charge, always..

You're in danger when

* Sleep Deprived
* Have low Sugar level (fasting is a well known mind control technique used in Nazi concentration camps and CIA black ops)
* Altered States of Conciousness. (Drugs, Alcohol, Sleep, Entrainment, Sensory Overload, among

In these sates what reaches you, hits you... for good or else.

Build and live the dream!
See ya!