domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

SUCCESS RESEARCH (Random book quotes and general advice)

PART I -->

I´m now focusing on content rather than on a smooth/eloquent/articulate writing style;  No jokes, puns, deviations, so on and so forth... just the juice (in small amounts at a time)


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


"Do not automatically believe in anything , especially what you are told. Convince yourself of something by observing it with your own eyes. And, after having perceived a new fact, do not loose site of it again until it is fully explained"
-Willhelm Reich


The more you act impeccably the better your attitude will be-

when you do less than your best you pave the way for self doubt, which lowers personal power



Lifestyle is a reflection of what and who we are inside.

Sophistication and overall refinement attracts success. good self image improves lifestyle and viceversa.

to build lifestyle you must study wealth and happiness, implement what you learnt, and practice it every day. above all enjoy and taste every present moment of life.
act the part. to be wealth act and feel "wealthy",  same  with happiness or any other quality.

generate good emotion and transform it into a meaningful act.

the punishment for excesive rest is mediocrity.
success = relating positively to the environment.
The difference between intelligent and genius is CREATIVITY.
apply intellect, creative and usefully, while producing something of value.
what do you create?

Personal Mastery (people should approach life and work "as an artist would approach a work of art")

1 - mental skill
2 - emotional mastery
3 - physical control
4 - spiritual foundation

Even when you lose you win, if you´re a real winner (you gain EXP. points and refine yourself,)

Last but not least,


"You can never manifest greatness so long as you depend on others. You will manifest greatness only when you begin to stand alone".

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